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Project Description
Key Master is a combination of open source hardware and software which allows amateur radio operators to have computer controlled switching of various CW keys.
Key Master is a hardware / software project which uses the Netduino and C# to create a computer controlled switching matrix for HAM (Amateur) Radio CW keys. The end result is a physical device which connects to both multiple radios and multiple keys (straight or electric). The physical device will operate independently of a computer (thanks to the Netduino), but will also be configurable by a connected computer, using a GUI. Any combination of key(s) to radio(s) can be established. All keys and radios are isolated.

The Key Master prototype will consist of three key inputs and three radio outputs. These jacks will all be part of an I/O board that will need to be assembled and connected to the I/O pins of the Netduino. Both the Netduino and I/O card will be mounted in a project box.

Key Master will be configurable to read with a straight key or electronic key input. The output will be configurable as analog or synthesized, allowing a straight key to synthesize an electronic key, or an electronic key to synthesize a straight key.

In addition to being used locally to route keys to radios, Key Master will implement an IP listener to allow for remote keying by a computer application (such as HRD).

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